Stolarka Budowlana Company produces wooden stairs, wooden window sills, wooden kitchen doors, countertops and bathroom countertops. We use: oak, beech and ash (according to availability). We specialize in wooden stairs on wooden, metal or concrete structures. We offer stairs in the version with assembly at the customer and a guarantee for all work, but also we make parts for self-assembly. Each type of wood we use is suitable for use in the range we produce. Hardness, flexibility and proper rings of oak, beech, ash wood or sycamore guarantee that the product will serve for many years. These species differ in color. Through this we can combine colors with the interior design.
Oak wood has a yellow hue, often with wavy, exposed rings in wood. We make sure that the wood is color-coordinated, without any flaws or discolorations.
Beech wood is very bright with little visible rings. This feature makes it an ideal solution for interiors in a modern style (no discoloration, uniform color). Slightly darkened lines along the entire length give the beech wood an effect of naturalness. This effect can be deepened by the use of chemical varnishes.
Ash wood is similar in shade to beech (very light). It differs in the structure of the rings in the wood - not always perfectly equal, with the possibility of occurrence of stylish discolorations and small, healthy knots.